ProFleet Connect packages support you and your drivers with a large number of different tasks: from order planning, vehicle diagnostics and maintenance through to communication between base and the drivers.

By the way, with ProFleet Connect you also only buy the actual functions that you really need. This ensures that your software stays manageable, easy to use – and can expand to meet your growing requirements.

  • Positioning

    Determining the current position of a vehicle is one of the basic tasks for any telematics system.

    ProFleet Connect provides your planners with the precise position of every vehicle which is connected to the system. This will help them to plan new transport orders as efficiently as possible by allocating them to the vehicle that is closest to the loading location.

    To be able to use positioning in ProFleet Connect, you need nothing more than our basic package Link.

  • Geofencing

    Geofencing allows you to use the tracking function of ProFleet Connect to define areas with “virtual boundaries” (geofences) and you are automatically sent a notification as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves one of these defined areas.

    This means that ProFleet Connect enables you for example to notify regular customers completely automatically as soon as one of your vehicles approaches the customer’s depot so that loading and unloading can proceed even more efficiently.

    You can also link these messages to other sensors (e.g. door control) or activities to trigger an alarm if for example the door is opened outside the permitted area, which might indicate a possible attempt to steal the load.

    Geofencing is already included in the basic package Link of ProFleet Connect.

  • CAN/FMS data: Eco Driving

    Saving fuel not only helps to improve your environmental footprint but in the long run, it also saves a lot of money and so can also recoup the investment you make in a comprehensive telematics solution. ProFleet Connect enables gradual improvements to the way that your drivers drive, thus reducing fuel consumption and also the wear and tear on your fleet.
    The driver is provided with an app which he can use to view his own driving performance and compare it to that of other drivers if he wishes. With a little playful competition but also with very useful tips and bits of advice, the app enables every driver to improve their driving behaviour – and drive their vehicle in an even more environmentally friendly way.

    Fleet managers can of course also call up the driver ranking list and thus identify which individual drivers may require specific training.

    The “Eco Driving” functions are part of the basic package Link of ProFleet Connect.

  • Navigation

    The navigation function of ProFleet Connect guides your drivers to their destination by the optimum route – and is specifically designed for use in the transport sector: For example, the weight and dimensions of the vehicle are considered when calculating the route to ensure correct routing. The route planning does of course also take account of dynamic information such as the latest traffic reports.

    The navigation instructions are displayed on our DriveTab and this is part of the DriverPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Tachograph: Driving/rest periods

    With ProFleet Connect you can rest assured that your drivers will comply with individual driving and rest periods: This is because they can be accessed whenever you want in real time with the tachograph function – or are automatically downloaded for you at intervals that you can define in advance (Remote Tacho Download).

    You can thus rely on the fact that all your vehicles will always comply with the law and your drivers will travel around safely.

    To be able to utilise the tachograph functions, you require the DriverPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Communication

    ProFleet Connect makes communication between head office and the driver even easier because the web portal allows you to send text messages directly to your drivers.

    For example, you can send the delivery and unloading address or other details in this way because, if this information is communicated verbally, it is prone to errors and would also distract the driver, thus running the risk of causing an accident.

    All communication functions are provided to you with the DriverPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Checklists

    This function allows you or your driver to create individually configurable vehicle checklists which the driver can work through on their tablet computer or smartphone before setting off.

    This means your vehicles can travel on the road even more safely and any upcoming service work can is better planned in advance.

    The checklists are included in the DriverPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Live driver training

    By providing effective and direct training to your drivers, you can reduce the level of wear and tear on the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and make your drivers even better equipped to handle increasing levels of traffic on the world’s roads.

    With live training you can also achieve the greatest training effect: ProFleet Connect makes the driver aware directly on the DriveTab while they are driving of any inefficient and/or unsafe driving, and this does then of course help to improve their own safety.

    The DriverPlus package of ProFleet Connect contains all the functions required for live driver training.

  • Incident analysis and logging

    The incident logging and analysis of ProFleet Connect ensures that no driving incident stays hidden: The system reports any unusual driving incidents such as emergency braking to you instantly.

    To allow better analysis, it also saves the vehicle’s operating parameters in quarter-second intervals over a period of 30 seconds before and after such an incident. You are thus provided with a detailed log chronicling the incident. You even have the option of installing a camera to record a video sequence of the incident.

    Not only can you increase the level of safety for the cargo, vehicle and driver, but if an incident occurs you also then have evidence documenting any accident situations.

    The incident logging is part of the SafetyPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring

    According to the ADAC automotive club, damage to tyres is responsible for a third of all breakdowns involving commercial vehicles. Thanks to the tyre pressure monitoring of ProFleet Connect, you can see the condition of the tyres in your fleet in real time, thus allowing you to identify a slow puncture at an early stage.

    In addition, you have the choice of using our own TruckServices tyre pressure monitoring system which can be retrofitted – or you can use a system from a third-party supplier.

    The SafetyPlus package of ProFleet Connect gives you access to this function.

  • Order processing

    ProFleet Connect allows you to track deliveries in real time. This will make it even easier for you to ensure that your transport orders are delivered on time. More than anything, you can then take action and notify your customers if it looks like there is going to be a delay.

    Displaying the arrivals/departures in ProFleet Connect also makes the freight traffic at the individual depots even more transparent.

    These functions for optimising logistics are part of the LogisticsPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Connection to TMS/ERP systems

    ProFleet Connect works with all well-known TMS/ERP systems. Corresponding interfaces in the software allow you very easily to import the routes planned by these systems and track them in real time.

    In addition, all details for the products which are to be delivered or collected, for example complete manifests, are adopted by ProFleet Connect.

    The connection to your TMS/ERP system is provided to you with the LogisticsPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Proof of delivery/collection

    The SmartPOD application of ProFleet Connect provides electronic proof of delivery or collection: The corresponding documents are displayed directly on the DriveTab and confirmed by means of a digital signature.

    In addition, ProFleet Connect enables you to smoothly integrate your loading materials management and all the returns management into a single workflow.

    All these functions are part of the DeliveryPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Digital delivery documents

    Drivers can use the ProFleet Connect SmartPOD application to confirm the goods which are to be delivered or collected on the planned routes and reconcile them again at any time.

    This prevents mistakes, makes the task easier for your drivers and is the first step towards achieving seamless, paper-free documentation of the delivery. This also includes scanning barcodes and photographing the condition of the goods, which considerably reduces your administrative workload.

    Digital delivery documents and the SmartPOD application are part of the DeliveryPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • CAN/FMS data: Vehicle condition

    ProFleet Connect helps you to prevent any unplanned vehicle breakdowns and additional costs associated with this (e.g. costs of a recovery service, contractual penalties for late deliveries etc.): The web portal gives you access at any time to the very latest operating data for the vehicle, allowing you to prevent possible breakdowns.

    This also prevents additional stress for your drivers and, not least, dissatisfied customers who are annoyed due to delays with their delivery.

    CAN and FMS data is made available via the DiagnosticsPlus package in ProFleet Connect.

  • Maintenance planning

    Efficient maintenance planning will keep your fleet on the road with as little disruption as possible – and also simplifies your operational planning.

    ProFleet Connect assists with the management of the vehicle maintenance intervals by providing relevant software notifications which are generated automatically as soon as the vehicle’s relevant mileage is reached or the relevant time interval elapses.

    This function is included in the DiagnosticsPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Temperature monitoring

    To ensure that you always keep a cool head when transporting temperature-critical consignments, e.g. in the pharmaceutical or food sectors, and always know the current situation, ProFleet Connect works via corresponding interfaces with all standard refrigeration units.

    You also have the option whenever you want to retrofit separate temperature sensors and monitor them with ProFleet Connect. This allows you to demonstrate to your customer very easily that the cold chain has been maintained throughout.

    The temperature monitoring is part of the MonitorPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Door control

    ProFleet Connect allows you to constantly monitor the cargo doors of your vehicles remotely. You can thus protect your cargo from any possible theft, particularly when transporting high-value goods.

    Together with the geofencing function which is included in the basic package, you also have the option of triggering an alarm if the door is opened outside a permitted area, which might indicate a possible attempt to steal the load.

    You can access the door monitoring function with the MonitorPlus package of ProFleet Connect.

  • Telemetry, e.g. PTO

    ProFleet Connect does not provide you with access to data such as tyre pressure, temperature etc.

    Thanks to the open interfaces, you can also monitor other data remotely if it is recorded via an analogue or digital sensor.

    This means that for example an operating hours counter for a power take-off can easily be integrated and displayed in ProFleet Connect.

    You can access other telemetry data via the MonitorPlus package of ProFleet Connect.