Brings together what belongs together:
Put an end to unnecessary journeys and simplify the management of your multi-brand fleet – with a single telematics system!

Finally one for all

ProFleet Connect is a hardware and software solution in one – and makes individual players into a powerful unit: vehicles of all brands, integrated via a single retrofit telematics system.

It allows you to keep an eye on all your vehicles, stay in contact and become the best co-pilot your drivers ever had.


A reliable solution for reliable teams!

ProFleet Connect is based on the proven technology of our partner Microlise and has proven itself in many driving hours and countless motorway kilometres.

Take a look yourself and learn how ProFleet Connect works:


Modular and flexible

The ProFleet Connect software is designed as a modular system: That’s why the system always matches your requirements in a perfect way and provides you with exactly the functionality you need for your work – and it grows as your business does.

The basic package Link provides you with the basic functionality you need to digitise your fleet such as vehicle tracking and driver performance management to assess individual driving styles. Furthermore it can be flexibly upgraded with additional modules at any time.

The add-on modules include features that relieve drivers from annoying paperwork, transmit vehicle condition in real time or even monitor for example load temperature.


The add-on modules

Everything under control: the Drivetab

To make ProFleet Connect particularly easy and comfortable for your drivers, the DriveTab is a rugged tablet computer with intuitive operation.

It is installed via a bracket directly in the cabin and is ready at any time for use outside of the vehicle.

DriveTab gives your drivers access to the functions they really need: It’s where you’ll find itineraries, personal messages, vehicle diagnostic messages and DriveTab can even take care of navigation.


Your advantages at a glance


through more efficient use of all vehicles in your fleet and reduced administrative overhead


through live driver training and comprehensive vehicle monitoring


through optimisation of driving style and fuel savings